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Multiple Powerlevel10k Configurations#

The author wanted to indicate that he's working on a specific project through a significant change of the prompt. The Multiple Prompts setup was however too much – to change a prompt to a completely different one because of cd-ing into a directory felt to be a too big change. However, thanks to a user's request, a more balanced and quite ideal solution appeared – to switch romkatv/powerlevel10k configurations.

The example setup is below. There's Asciinema recording demonstrating it. The needed steps include:

  1. Generate your configs with p10k configure, copying ~/.p10k.zsh to some other file like ~/.p10k_other.zsh.

  2. I suggest updating Powerlevel10k before generating the configs, as recently there was a code for hot reloading of the configs added.

# Load within zshrc – for the instant prompt
zinit atload'!source ~/.p10k.zsh' lucid nocd for \

# Load ~/.p10k_zinit.zsh when in ~/github/zinit.git
zinit id-as'zinit-prompt' nocd lucid \
    unload'[[ $PWD != */zinit.git(|/*) ]]' \
    load'![[ $PWD = */zinit.git(|/*) ]]' \
    atload'!source ~/.p10k_zinit.zsh; _p9k_precmd' for \

# Load ~/.p10k.zsh when in any other directory
zinit id-as'normal-prompt' nocd lucid \
    unload'[[ $PWD = */zinit.git(|/*) ]]' \
    load'![[ $PWD != */zinit.git(|/*) ]]' \
    atload'!source ~/.p10k.zsh; _p9k_precmd' for \

For explanation on the used ice mods, see Multiple Prompts.