Some 10 years ago, there was a topic in Linux kernel security – patching live kernel by writing to /dev/kmem or by loading a custom Linux module (file with .ko extension). Not sure how this topic looks today, but something similar is possible with a popular system shell, the Zshell.

Zsh also has binary loadable modules. And, like Linux has a table of system calls, Zshell has a table of builtins. Let me explain that builtin is a command that is a part of the Zsh program, not a separate program from /usr/local/bin nor a shell function. The table holds pointers to C-functions that each implement some specific builtin command. There’s for example a C-function bin_zcompile, which is called when an user enters e.g.: zcompile myscript.zsh.

In Linux, a binary module after being loaded into the kernel can access the system-call table and switch pointers to the C-functions that implement some specific system-calls. The obvious analogy holds and yes – binary Zshell module can access builtin-table and switch-pointers to C-functions implementing builtins. What does this mean? For example, a module can swap zcompile and echo in places. Issuing echo myscript.zsh will compile myscript.zsh, while issuing zcompile Hello World will output string Hello World to the terminal. Below is an example of the _setup function of a module that achieves this:

/* FUNCTION: setup_ */
setup_( UNUSED( Module m ) )
    void *tmp;
    Builtin bn1 = ( Builtin ) builtintab->getnode2( builtintab, "echo" );
    Builtin bn2 = ( Builtin ) builtintab->getnode2( builtintab, "zcompile" );
    tmp = bn1->handlerfunc;
    bn1->handlerfunc = bn2->handlerfunc;
    bn2->handlerfunc = tmp

    return 0;

I’ve decided to use this possibility for good deeds. Zinit will soon be shipping a binary Zsh module which will extend and customize Zshell. Example of what is currently implemented: the source builtin automatically compiles (i.e. invokes zcompile) the file being loaded if it isn’t already compiled or if the compilation is outdated. Managing compilation-state of say 20 scripts (e.g. 20 plugins) can be a daunting task. With Zinit’s customized source, compilation will be guaranteed and automatic.

I’m looking for interesting ideas for some new Zshell builtins or for customizations of existing builtins. If you have one, open an issue for Zinit. Thanks!