I’ve created zdharma.org and multiple Zsh projects because the Zsh language is enough powerfull to support sophisticated and large tasks. Main project is currently ZUI – Zsh User Interface library, that allows to create applications with curses interface in a manner resembling CGI+(D)HTML. It recalls the old term “RAD” – rapid application development. Here is what is sufficient to create hello world application:

demo_mod1_generator() {
    local mod="$1" ice="$2"

    # Content, no hyper-links
    reply=( "Hello World from ${ZUI[YELLOW]}ZUI${ZUI[COLOR_END]}! Module $mod, instance $ice." )

    # Non-selectable lines   Hops to jump with [ and ]   Local anchors
    reply2=( )               reply3=( 1 )                reply4=( )

Check out full Hello World example code.

Other featured project is Zconvey. It allows to send commands between Zsh sessions. Its main use case is to switch your workflow to new project with:

cd ~/github/project2
zc-all cd $PWD

Check out Zconvey’s home page and Asciinema video there.