Fast-Syntax-Highlighting Released

I have released a plugin that is a highly optimized version of Zsh-Syntax-Highlighting project. Overall 60 optimizing commits have been shipped, and the result is that zed/vared can edit functions that have 10 kB of text in their body.

Text Editor In 30 Minutes

ZUI’s architecture has proven its value. I have only superficially tried to write a text editor in it, and it was elevated in about 30 minutes.

ZUI release is near

I’ve implemented almost every needed feature. There were refactoring stage, final-touches stage, even an optimization stage. I will keep on working for at least 2 weeks, to allow an afterthought stage to happen ;)

Overview of available projects

I’ve developed 14 Zsh projects. I see five of them to be at Zdharma mainstream, rest of the projects might get an uplift to fit into Zdharma goals (robust and well working Zsh software) in the future, mainly by use of ZUI curses interface library.

Zdharma Initiative starting up

I’ve created and multiple Zsh projects because the Zsh language is enough powerfull to support sophisticated and large tasks. Main project is currently ZUI – Zsh User Interface library, that allows to create applications with curses interface in a manner resembling CGI+(D)HTML.